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  • Family Sponsorship
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  • Temporary Residence
  • Business Sponsorship


    The purpose of the skilled migration scheme is to attract people with skills, which would be of benefit to australia.If successful in applying for skilled migration, you will be granted permanent residence. In order to be eligible for skilled migration, you or your spouse must be able to satisfy the following basic requirements:

  • Age: You must be under 45 years of age when you apply
  • English language: You must have sufficient ability in the English language for working in Australia. This is known as vocational English
  • Qualifications: You must have post-secondary (such as university or trade) qualifications, or in a small number of cases, substantial relevant work experience. You must get your skills assessed by the relevant Australian assessing body.
  • Occupation: You must nominate a skilled occupation, which fits your skills and qualifications. The nominated occupation must be in the Skilled Occupations List.
  • Recent Work Experience: Generally you need to show that you have worked in a skilled occupation for a set period of time. The amount of relevant work experience you must have is dependent on the occupation that you nominate. If you are an international student you may qualify for a waiver of this requirement.
  • Skilled Migration

    Generally in order to qualify for skilled migration you must pass the skilled migration points test. If you have Australian relatives it may be easier for you to pass this test.

    Skilled Migration - Designated Area Sponsored

    If you have a relative living in a designated area, you may qualify for skilled migration even you do not pass the points test. Designated areas include the whole of Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, ACT, NT, and areas in other states outside capital cities.


    If you have close family living in Australia, they may be able to sponsor you for migration or permanent residence. If you are in a permanent relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence on spouse's grounds.


    If you have a background in business management or high-level investment activities and are interested in investing in Australia, starting up a new business in Australia or purchasing an ownership interest in an existing Australian business, you and your family may be eligible for permanent residence status under Australia's business migration program.

  • Senior Executive Visa
  • Investment-Linked Visa
  • Existing Business in Australia
  • Independent Executive Visas
  • Business Visitor Visas

    Apply for a temporary residence visa if you wish to stay in Australia temporarily as a student, tourist or working holidaymaker, or if you need to travel to Australia from time to time for business purposes. Student Visas

    If you are an overseas resident and you wish to study at an Australian School or University you will need to apply for a Student Visa. A Student Visa can have limited work rights attached to it on application.

  • Short Stay Business Visas
  • Company Sponsored Visas
  • Visitor (Tourist) Visas
  • Working Holiday Visas
  • Retirement Visas
  • Independent Executive Visas

    An Australian business may sponsor an overseas resident for temporary or permanent resident status. The applicant will be granted a visa, which will allow them to travel to Australia with their family and take up a specified position with the sponsoring company. It is also possible for an overseas business to sponsor a representative to conduct business activities in Australia.

  • Australian Business Sponsorship - Temporary Residence
  • Employer Nomination Scheme - Permanent Residence
  • Overseas Business Sponsorship
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